How to win soccer bet easily

How to win soccer bet easily

Soccer betting is one of the very few forms of betting that you can make money from, if you understand the contemporary psych of the game and have the right strategy to predict or select encounters that have very high probability of specific outcome.

As a matter of fact you only need to hit 53% of your bets to break even, and if you can hit above 56% of your bets, it means you can make large sum of money and smile to the bank.

A proven way of making this happen and consequently hitting above 56% of your bet is by betting on both teams to score (BTTS), which is by betting ‘Yes’ on encounters where both teams are most likely to score.

This strategy is validated given the fact that the game of soccer in general is about scoring goals, and based on the fact that the percentage of encounters where both teams score is usually very high.

To select this type of encounter to bet on requires the following:
one, understanding of the core characteristic and factors that are at play in matches where both teams score.

Two, simple relationship rule to assess and rate the attacking and the defense strength of teams, as well as to identify the encounters were teams are relatively vulnerable and both teams can score or concede goals.

Three, predictive models that capture relationship between the factors and situations that make teams vulnerable as well as formidable.

Consequently, a simple way to select an encounter that could possibly end with both teams scoring is to take a look at the stats of the teams in the match under consideration, to evaluate the rate at which they concede goals, with the aim of finding out if the teams have a leaky defense.

Very well to assert that a team is vulnerable, the catch is to evaluate their stats to affirm that the number of goals they have scored is less than or approximately equal to the number of goals they have conceded.

Having affirmed that the teams are relatively vulnerable, next is to weigh the possibility of the teams actually scoring, by assessing their character and strength.

To gain insight to assert that a home team would possibly score, the catch is to weigh their tenacity as well as their confidence level.

Consequently, to assert that a visiting side or team would possibly score, the catch is to weigh their determination to resist a lose.

After that the next step is to evaluate the technical capability of the sides by taking a look at the top goal scorer list, to identify the players they have, that could poise a threat to the opposition, with a view to affirm that the teams possess players that are very consistent at scoring goals.

To put your evaluation in perspective abstract one goal each for the each player the teams possesses on the top goal scorer list, relative to the identified weakness of their opponent.

To increase the chances of getting it right, abstract one goal for the effect of home field advantage in favor of the team playing at home, where these element is evident in a match.

Finally, to potentially have a more appropriate expectations of the result, the catch is to select the encounter or encounters where the average numbers of goals from your abstraction is over two goals each for both teams.

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